Young & Free

Reality Awaits

Seven years later you showed up and kissed me.
Whisked me a away and all just to smite me.
I think of you often. I miss you sometimes.

Laughter and words unspoken.
Love unspoken.

White sand beaches and sweet cigars.
Vices and vapor.
Precarious encounters, stolen moments and sultry escapades.
Intimacy from a world away.

Breath begets breath.
Voices exchanged. Denial exchanged.
Innocence remained.
It was what it was not and so much more it became.

Life intertwined. Hearts Intertwined.
Have Mercy! That was a good bottle of wine.
Bluish Black hearts, hurried hellos and long goodbyes.
The longest goodbye.

White flowers and colloquial erections.
Northern lights and pure liberation.
Bourbon and butterflies.
My time flies; when you’re having fun that is.
But reality awaits a return to innocence.

I shall forget you always.
I will think of you sometimes.