Finally, I Resolve

wpid-textgram_1391407957.pngI decided not to make a new year’s resolution in January. It’s easy to resolve to being healthier and getting to the gym when you’ve spent the last month pigging out on holiday delicacies and the sweet treats that seem to cover every counter top in sight. I’ve made resolutions over the years, none of which ever stuck. Zeal and motivation quickly turns into anxiety and guilt. I decided to take the month of January to really think about changes I want to make throughout the year. From prior experiences I’ve found that my commitment to resolutions was sporadic at best. I may work out faithfully for a couple of months or write for a month but I was never able to sustain any behavior for an entire year. Considering this, I thought; why not just approach resolutions from this point of view. Why not make weekly or monthly commitments and learn how to see them through. You can do anything for 7-30 days, right? I think I can, I think I can!

This week I plan to follow Nike’s motto and Just Do It. I am the Queen of procrastination. I’ve made an art out of putting things off. There just always seems to be something more interesting to do than what needs to be done. But this week, if I think it, I’m doing it. That phone call, email, gym class that I’ve been avoiding because I’m sure the sedentary life I’ve been living for the past few months will most definitely come back to bite me. Yep, I’m doing it. I might even get gutsy enough to do all of my laundry, who knows. Little victories, that’s my focus. The dread of impending failure won’t stop me this time. After all, this time next week I’ll be on to another,  more interesting, endeavor.