One Is Enough

I must say I’m quite disappointed that there is a debate about whether or not there is an increase in sex-trafficking during the Super Bowl. I’ve read several articles/blogs on the issue and have found that there are those who emphatically believe that there is an increase in sex-trafficking around the Super Bowl and others who call it an urban legend. Both sides siting statistics from a variety of sources. Is it not enough that this is happening at all, anywhere, anytime in whatever quantity?

I don’t have to quote one statistic to know that if you inject an extra half million people in an area then among them will be the good, bad, ugly and evil. To say that there is not an increase in this evil behavior would be asinine. I’ve found that the debate is not about if there is an increase in sex trafficking around the time of the Super Bowl but whether or not that increase is significant. Who defines significance? Who determines the number that would make this significant? The one life that is destroyed isn’t enough? The one tormented soul isn’t enough? The one girl raped 20-50 times a day isn’t significant enough? Really!!?

I want to vomit!

Fact is… at some point there was light shed on the issue of human trafficking surrounding however much of it that was happening around the time of the Super Bowl. Consequently, organizations dedicated to putting an end to human trafficking took advantage of an opportunity to raise awareness about this horrific crime at a time and place where the whole world is watching.

Unfortunately there are those that hate the fact that this atrocity is associated with the Super Bowl. I mean no one wants to be thinking about 12 year olds getting raped while they are watching the big game. We’re just looking forward to those hilarious commercials and the great half time show, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the super bowl and will most likely watch the game but where there is smoke there is fire and we cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand and act like this isn’t happening. While we are being entertained someone will be suffering. The very least we can do is be mindful and to pray for the victims. No, this is not just an issue around the time of the Super Bowl. It’s an everyday issue. Everywhere. Big cities, small towns, affluent neighborhoods and hoods alike.

Be mindful. Be aware. Be prayerful

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