Broken pieces
Shattered glass
I walk cautiously through it
Not careful enough it seems
I feel the burn, I see red
My pulse weakens

As I lay here, dying perhaps
I remember you
Young, strong, devoted love
Me, you and then everything else
I remember joy

The thought flees quickly
I lay here, broken
I close my eyes, open them again
I see fog, shadows
Who stands in front of me
I don’t know
I see fog, shadows

So I listen, carefully
Not careful enough it seems
I didn’t hear what your posture was shouting
I hear screaming

I reach towards the shadows
Surely if it were you, you’d reach for me too
Your palm would greet me
I feel nothing

I am surely dying
I feel my heart harden
My spirit escapes me
My every molecule rejects itself
Graft versus host
My soul retreats

I open my eyes
Pitch black
I see nothing
I hear nothing
I feel nothing
This is the end