She Was Beautiful, Too


I miss you.
I can see your face clearly and you were beautiful, too!

I recall a day you sat across from me in that chair and we were face to face.
A lonely tear accompanied us, along with pain and suffering giftwrapped from hell.
But you were strong so that moment was fleeting.
It was, however, the beginning of goodbye.

I think of you often. How we would put east and west in our rearview mirror.
You weren’t all that fond of my taste in music or my need for speed on the open road.
My speakers would gradually go silent as your timbre would amplify.
I could never guess who was on the other end of your line; that would be a shot in the dark. You believed in conversation, sharing pleasantries and yes, being downright nosey sometimes.

You were sassy I must say. Telling it like it is was your forte.
You had a generous spirit. For you to have it was for you to freely give it away!
I would call you magic because you could make nothing = something and a little = a lot.

You were an enduring “mama bear” called Mama Vada.
You treated me like I was yours and gave me sisters that weren’t my own.
You let me tagalong.
I think of you often and I miss you!

You lived under the shadow of God’s forgiveness. You believed in its power.
You made perfection your slave.
You overcame.

Another day I stood beside you, again we were face to face. There were no words. The tear this time was mine. You were leaving. Day by day you hid more of your Beautiful spirit away.

I missed you even then.