Daily Prompt

Moody Weather

A few years back I was lying in bed a bit in a fog. It was around 2AM and I had just gotten cozy again after returning from the restroom. My earplugs were still snugly intact. As I was drifting back off to sleep I thought I heard sirens but I couldn’t make them out enough to acknowledge them. I heard the rain but it was nothing special. A short time after, metal and debris come crashing through the window onto the bed. The sirens a bit more apparent now; they were tornado sirens. We immediately jump into the closet. My heart jumped out of my chest and took a seat beside me. I was frantic and sure I was going to die. We could only hear the chaos outside.

For quite awhile after that I could not even bear to hear the words storm, rain, tornado. Immediately my heart rate would shoot up, knots formed in my stomach along with the nausea. I was completely obsessed with radars and weathermen. I live in North Texas so every spring was torture. It was only about a year ago that I began to enjoy the rain again.

I’ve always enjoyed rainy weather. It calls for hot tea, a good book, and a soft bed. Rain is truly relaxing and reinvigorating. The weather gods stole this pleasantry from me for a while but I’m so gracious that the rain puts me in a good mood again!

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