About 2.0

Who updates an About page? Normally, it doesn’t change but I have and so it does. I love to write but I struggle with writing. I’m way too critical and dare I say, edited. The name of the blog is Life Unscripted for Pete’s sake. I have a folder labeled Blog Post, all unpublished. Why? Because they just weren’t good enough, the content wasn’t exciting enough, I could make every word better than how it was when it came to my consciousness and on and on it goes. I wanted to write about Living, Learning & Sharing as the tagline suggests but that is rather difficult if you’re not really living… or shall I say, when you’re living in a loop. I haven’t been living and I’ve really just been learning the same lessons over and over again and never searching for new insight.

I tend to stay in my Comfort Zone. My comfort zone has a comfort zone. Sad, yes – I know. Despite my best attempts my life has been quite scripted. I wrote the script and I’ve stuck to it. However, I recently when off script, like straight up “Who’s Line is it Anyway.” I have totally fallen in love with Free. There have been several occasions over the past couple of months where I’ve thought to myself – “This has been such an amazing day.” These are the moments… the moments I want to share. The moments I’ve always wanted to live and go figure – they were all totally off script!

So welcome to Life Unscripted.

Carmcharm ~ a nickname I was given as a child. I’m not really sure who 1st gave it to me but it has always been a term of endearment used by those most dear to me. To everyone else, I’m Carmen, a 30-something Dallas girl. I love music, fashion, poetry and art among other things. I have wild imagination and I’m a studious contemplator. And lastly but 1st I’m a Jesus loving girl!





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