Oh how I wish for the days of sitting on the back of a pickup truck, drinking beer, taking in the country air, listening to the car radio and the periodic interruptions from the howling of a freight train. ~ This is a text message I sent to a friend recently.

It made my mind wander …. What else do I miss about those days that now seem long gone.  These were a few remnants from my past …..

The absence of Facebook & Twitter and all other social networking that doesn’t require looking someone in the face. I know, I know they are necessary evils nowadays. On the one hand, I can keep in touch with people that I would otherwise not take out the time to do. And of course, I can share this wonderful blog w/ one click … But one liner “updates” … not my idea of quality interaction. I think it has turned us into cowards …. Hiding behind a computer screen. Typing things that would never come out of our mouths if put in front a person. It always baffles me how someone can update their status and check their “friend’s” status updates every hour on the hour but they can’t manage to have a conversation for 10 minutes. Tragic.

The sounds of evening that remind us that twilight is near. Whippoorwills, Bobwhite quails, leap frogs, crickets …. These organic sounds that waltzed everything into a calm, allowing us to rid ourselves of the stresses of the day. A perfect song for days end. I just don’t find this refuge in the city. The stress from the day seems to follow me home, accompany me to bed and then greet me again in the morning. Always in a hurry, somewhere to be, something to do.

Riding with the windows down, sleeping with the windows up. Really, no one rides with their windows down in the city. Windows are necessary barriers from all the city sounds, sirens, the rumble of 50 cars all within 30 ft of you. Who can even hear their music with all of this racket. People and their domestic friends… barking, howling, waking me up far earlier than I would prefer. ….. And let’s not forget the smell of the city – ugh!

Parties on the Lake. Now wait….I know that city folk escape to nearby lakes all the time. But I have learned that this usually involves a boat and actually going out into the lake. This is not what I’m talking about…. I mean driving around from creek to creek … eating BBQ and sneaking booze. Occasionally swimming (wading – myself) in that muddy water, swimming areas partitioned off by rope and cones. And let’s not forget times like the 4th of July …. Cars bumper to bumper, everybody decked out in their freshest gear… SoFly. The Lake, just a backdrop to this joyous country occasion.

Horse tracks and hole in the walls. Now these were prime social past times. Drinking Crown and coke, wine coolers and Boone’s Farm out of the back of my cousin’s truck. Partying in houses turned nightclub. Trying to be cute and catch the attention of good ol’ Country Boys that drive big trucks and haul wood for a living, drink too much, flossin cars with big rims and loud pipes, blasting Johnnie Taylor from their speakers.

Catching Fireflies …. More like chasing them. Watching caterpillars turn into butterflies. Care free. Fishing with cane poles. Digging up dirt worms and catching tadpoles in the ditch.

The earth is allowed to bear fruit. Plum trees, peach trees, pecan trees, persimmon trees & honeysuckle bushes. Offering themselves to every passerby.

Peace & Quiet…. The ability to hear my thoughts, to sleep, to rest while awake. This is what I miss the most. My body tells me every time I return. The uninterrupted hours of sleep. The way I sink into the couch and the desire to leave that place escapes me. My nostrils inhale the scent of pine needles, fresh cut grass and home cooked meals.




  1. I must say, you are really COUNTRY!!! Lol. But so right. Since being home (in my country town) it is totally different. In fact I just got home from Houston, my favorite place, and the breeze was so nice when I got out that I thought to myself “I wish I could sleep with my windows up.” Then I realized I could. I’ve always felt like I was a city girl living in the country, and I given a choice I would pick the city. But as you just pointed out, being home in the country definitely has it’s benefits. another Great blog!

    1. Yes ma’am… you have to stay away long enough to appreciate all that stuff. No windows up for me…. I’m sitting here on the couch and what do I hear? Dogs barking… one then another. Geesh!

  2. Awesome, I often contemplate moving back. Then I have to weigh the pros and cons of both. I do miss it so at times. Having a child really makes me want to move back so that she could experience the joy that we did, and then don’t have to worry about soo much of the crime.

  3. I know it has taken me a while to post this comment but I was just reading over your blog again. Guess it’s time for you to get that mind to clicking and post another…such good ones so far ;). Once again I too am back in the city. Never really seem to miss the country until I’m back here. Don’t get me wrong cause the city does have it’s benefits and conveniences…like not having to go 10 – 20 miles for milk, eggs or bread and being able to run right up the street to the corner store in the middle of the night for a candy bar or soda. Other than not having to travel so far for necessaries, give me the country any ol’ day. I’m just a country girl at heart!!! True at times I would love to live in the city…for the simple reason I wouldn’t have to worry about this one and that one all up in my kool-aid like in the country, because there (in the city) I’m just another face out of many. In the country everybody know your face and name. At times city life is definitely appealing to me, but reality kicks in and I know I can’t have my cake and eat it too. Especially, since my MAN loves these woods and wild horses couldn’t drag him out of them. So I settle down and realize visiting the city when I want and for as long as I want, when I can’t take another minute of these country ass folks and their backward ass ways, is better than nothing at all!!! Another great blog…can’t wait for the next one!!!

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